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Specializing in Soldering Fluxes, Liquid Water Soluble Soldering Flux-103, Protecot Protective Coating, Solder Paint, etc.
About Us

ICM are a forward looking company managed by proficient  team of skilled professionals. Aligning  the business  endeavors to comply with the needs of the customers ICM have worked to provide a range of Soldering Fluxes, Pastes, Paints and various related diverse products for Electronics, Automotive and Engineering industries.

Back in 1985, International Chemicals & Metals forayed into business as a manufacturer under the headship of Mr. Bharat Mehta who resolutely aspired to settle in India to create a scalable and sustainable business.

Quality Assurance

As quality is defined as compliance to the requirement it has always been a paramount priority for ICM. Hence, quality assurance is well observed at every stage and step by applying pragmatically defined quality control procedures on the basis of the pertinent specifications and compliance criteria for the raw materials, processes and finished products.

Customer Satisfaction 

Customer-centric modus operandi have attained enduring customer royalty for ICM. With diverse products range offered by ICM the customers are well informed and guided by ICM very carefully by evaluating their requirements. On the basis of the requirements and considering:

  • Functional
  • Operational
  • Reliability

criteria a specific ICM-product or products are suggested to the customers.

The  after  sales interactions and continuous co-ordination with a total transparency are well appreciated by the customers and they also have been of immense value to ICM for their innovative R & D. A good quality consistency with the timely deliveries and proficient communication have resulted in confidence and satisfaction among the ICM customers.

Research & Development

Research & development at ICM is carried out to make innovative new products from time to time. In addition to the new products the existing range of fluxes and chemicals are modified and upgraded to confirm and  comply to the novel product trends. Emphasis is also given by analyzing and assessing feasible import substitutions, especially, for the customers confronted with a dismal global supply chain scenario for their requirements.

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